CrossTalkEVP 2.0 for Android

Pioneering the digital evolution of spirit communication since 2010…

This exclusive new ANDROID app has been put together by famous psychic and paranormalist Jason Profit to help you explore 2-way EVP!

History: CrossTalk EVP v1.0 was the ORIGINAL spirit communication software (for Windows) designed for FIELD use by a ghost hunter FOR ghost hunters.

Prior to 2010, the only option for spirit communication using your computer was a program which had multiple dozens of settings… many of which were confusing and not really useful for ghost hunters in the FIELD. After a year or so of R&D, CrossTalk EVP v1.0 was released with only the most useful settings for researchers who wanted to investigate in the field. Making it the FIRST 2-way spirit communication program designed to be simple and effective in the field for serious ghost hunters. Click here to read more!

I really wanted an Android app that worked as well as my original CrossTalkEVP for Windows. Sometimes I happen to find a spot I would like to try some ITC and all I have is my cell phone. Other apps just didn’t do it for me… I wanted an app that worked as well as my software. Who knew it would be such a pain in the ass to get it right? But in the end I think it turned out far better than I had imagined! This is truly a Franks box in your pocket! ~Jason Profit (creator of CrossTalkEVP)

What is a ghost box or franks box?

Chances are, if you are here you already know about ghost boxes and Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC)… Learn more here

The “ghost box” or “franks box” is truly a unique concept … a sort of spirit telephone system if you will. You can literally ask questions and get answers… LIVE in REAL TIME! Unlike EVP recordings where you have to go back listen to what you have recorded.

Frank Sumption was experimenting with some older software one day when he came up with the idea of building his frequency scanning device to help aid in spirit communication. The thing is, ORIGINAL Franks boxes are rare as he did not build them for sale. This is even more true today as Frank passed away in August of 2014. Godspeed Frank!

The inexpensive “hack” ghost box…

A fella named “sumduc”… figured out it was possible to modify certain am/fm radios to allow a constant frequency scan which functioned very similar to a Franks box for spirit communication. These are the “ghost boxes” you used see for sale on ebay… but recently the radios that folks used to hack are either not available any more or are updated circuit boards that are harder to hack for ghost box use.

There are also some other amazing, but expensive newer ghost boxes by other box builders in the paranormal community… but they don’t fit in your pocket… and they cost a lot.

Both the Franks box and other ghost boxes are amazing tools for the paranormal researcher… but now there is a better way to talk with the other side!

You do not need the hacked radio OR a Franks box! Just your Android device!

What others have said about the CrossTalk EVP method:

“I am The Founder Of and STAFF at This CD WORKS!” -Dan Conners Jr

“Jason, I want to send Thanks for selling Cross Talk. Thanks for doing what you do!” -Melissa

Rumor has it that Edison was even working on a “spirit telephone” before he died…

NEW! CrossTalk EVP v2.0 is now available exclusively for ANDROID!

After several years of development headaches, you can now use your ANDROID device instead of a hard to find Franks box or  ghost box.

SERIOUS Ghost Hunters only! You can only get this app here… It is NOT available in the Play Store!

CrossTalkEVP 2.0 basically generates a much better random fragmented audio scan than the ghost boxes and even better than the original version for Windows!

CrossTalkEVP 2.0 Features

  • REAL TIME slicing and random playback of source audio files
  • TWO sources of audio: Load two separate audio files for a better variety of random sound fragments
  • TWO FREE included audio files:

1) SpeakJet Allophones: Robotic sounding vocal fragments used by several programs over the past decade

2) Franks Box #185: Recorded from Franks Box #185 dated August 2014. This is one of the boxes that was sitting on Franks workbench when he passed away in August of 2014. Use this for radio sweep source audio and you have your very own Franks Box.

  • Use your OWN recorded audio sources or files! No built in “banks” here!
  • Audio Effects: Echo, Reverb and Delay
  • Separate volume controls for each audio source
  • Voice Recorder: Built in voice recorder for when you need to record on the spot
  • Bluetooth speaker compatible
  • Downloadable Audio Sources: Coming soon you can purchase more audio source files here
  • Exclusively available HERE

CrossTalk EVP 2.0 includes two FREE bonus source audio files to help you get started. The great thing is… you can also use almost any audio file you have on your computer as a source  audio for CrossTalk. Most any WMA, WAV or MP3 file can be opened and sliced up for use as source audio. Just make sure there is plenty of talking so CrossTalk can generate tons of vocal fragments for 2 way EVP research.

 There are no pre-programmed words as found in the ovilus or other popular Android spirit communication apps…

 None of what you will hear in these samples is pre-programmed… it is live 2-way interaction!


What is in the CrossTalkEVP 2.0 download:

  1. CrossTalk EVP v2.0 real time spirit communication app for ANDROID (.APK file)
  2. FREE audio source files: They will load automatically when you open the app

This is NOT a toy app! It is intended to be used for serious paranormal research. That is why we have decided NOT to publish this app in the Play Store for the masses. If you are here, you are probably more serious about the paranormal than most… Click here for installation and use instructions


Buy it now and get started today!


Your CrossTalk EVP 2.0 app for Android will be emailed to you after your purchase!

Buy the older WINDOWS version here

Minimum System Recommendations:
Android 4.0 or higher

Your results may vary. You assume all responsibility for use of this information. This software is intended for use as a paranormal research tool only.

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