History: CrossTalk EVP v1.0 was the ORIGINAL spirit communication software (for Windows) designed for FIELD use by a ghost hunter FOR ghost hunters. Jason wanted to develop a program for computers that would be simple to use while out in the field hunting for ghosts on location.

Prior to 2010, the only option for spirit communication using your computer was a program which had multiple dozens of settings… many of which were confusing and not really useful for ghost hunters in the FIELD. After a year or so of R&D, CrossTalk EVP v1.0 was released with only the most useful settings for researchers who wanted to investigate in the field. Making it the FIRST 2-way spirit communication program designed to be simple and effective in the field for serious ghost hunters.

In 2016, Jason is proud to release CrossTalkEVP 2.0… An entirely new system that brings the functionality of the original software to Android OS. CrossTalkEVP 2.0 introduces NEW advanced features that make it a huge improvement over version 1.0 for Windows. There are now TWO sources of audio rather than one, giving more chaotic random sound fragmentation.

A voice recorder built into the app lets you record sessions on the fly with only your device in your pocket. You can also record other source audios from lectures, other ghost boxes, songs, etc… and then load that recording directly into one of the “Source Audio” players for slicing and randomizing.

You can also use your favorite BLUETOOTH speaker for better sound quality than your phone or tablet may provide. CrossTalkEVP system 2.0 brings all the best of the original to Adnroid and makes it even better.

COMING SOON: We will be offering more recordings of various source audio files such as various ghost boxes, Franks box recordings in various locations and other intriguing source audio samples to try with your ITC research. These will be for sale here and downloadable directly to your Android device OR even to your computer for use in our original windows version!

What is a ghost box or franks box? Some spirit communication history…

The “ghost box” or “franks box” is truly a unique concept … a sort of spirit telephone system if you will. You can literally ask questions and get answers… LIVE in REAL TIME! Unlike EVP recordings where you have to go back listen to what you have recorded, with these ghost boxes you have full 2 way communication with the other side. Of course you will need to practice in order to get the best results. Sometimes the messages are clear and easily understood, sometimes they are more intermixed with random sounds and audio bits.

Frank Sumption was experimenting with some older software one day when he came up with the idea of building his frequency scanning device to help aid in spirit communication. The thing is, ORIGINAL Franks boxes are rare as he did not build them for sale. This is even more true today as Frank passed away in August of 2014. Godspeed Frank!

The inexpensive ghost box…

The most common affordable option was discovered by a fella named “sumduc”… he figured out it was possible to modify certain am/fm radios to allow a constant frequency scan which functioned very similar to a Franks box for spirit communication. These type of  “ghost boxes” you used see for sale on ebay… but recently the radios that folks used to hack are either not available any more or are updated circuit boards that are harder to hack for ghost box use.

Both the Franks box and cheap ghost boxes are amazing tools for the paranormal researcher… but now there is a better way to talk with the other side!