CrossTalkEVP 2.0 for android installation and usage

CrossTalkEVP 2.0 for Android Instructions
How to install CrossTalkEVP 2.0

This file is NOT on google play store so that means you must “side load” this by turning on “unknown sources” in your settngs. This is simply how you install apps that are not on the Google Play store.

You should have gotten an email with an encrypted link to download a file called “CrossTalkEVP_2.o.apk”

clicking that file from your android phone email should prompt you to download the file.

Once downloaded, look in your notifications bar and click on the file, alternately you can look in your “downloads folder.” Google will warn you about un trusted third party apps and say you must turn on “unknown sources”… usually it will take you there. Otherwise, you can usually find this setting under your phones settings in the “security” section.

Ignore googles warnings about un trusted sources to finish installing the app.

Once you install the app, you should see it right there in your app drawer with all the other apps.


How to USE CrossTalkEVP software

There are two primary screens, the main screen and the effects screen.

1) Main Screen: Two audio source files and their settings are up top.Below that is the session recorder. It actually records through your microphone.

2) Effects screen: Up top you will find the volume, and playback speed for each of the two audio source files. Below you will find audio effects echo, delay and reverb. That adds those effects to the combined output of both audio tracks.


There are two banks of source audio. These banks should automatically load with the source audio files below. But you may load about any kind of audio source file you may have.

Bank 1 is the old speakjet allophones that sound like robots.
Bank 2 is a 5 minute long recording of Franks Box #185, the box he was working on the month he passed away. Literally one of the last of the original Franks Boxes.

To use these sources, you just hit play on one or both files… THEN hit the “slice on/off” check box and slide the “slice size” slider over a bit. I usually use a range from 50ms – 400ms. You want the slices small.

You may use about any audio file as a source file by loading it into the “audio” folder in the “crosstalk” folder on your phone via USB. OR you can simply use the session recorder to record your OWN audio source files. Those files will be saved in the “recordings” folder.

To record your OWN audio source files, find some sort of talking audio track that can be recorded. You can record the news, a TV preacher, a german lecture, talk radio, someone reading a book… maybe revelations? You need to record about 4-5 minutes of audio for best results.

Now up top at one of the audio sources, click the + sign and navigate to your recordings folder and select your new recorded audio file. Hit play and turn on slicing… adjust that slice size slider a little so that you don’t hear any complete words… just nonsense fragments. You just made your OWN audio source… great job! Do you have a favorite ghost box or app? Record about 4-5 minutes of THAT as a source audio file and slice it up and see what happens.

This makes CrossTalkEVP nearly limitless as far as spirit communication apps go. Other apps use questionable built in audio banks or internet radio stations. With this, pretty much anything can be used as your source audio for spirit communication.


This recorder can record both your questions AND the audio coming from the app. It records via the phones built in mic. Depending on how your phone is set up, you may have to speak directly into the mic. For example some phones have the speakers right near the mic… so in that instance your questions may not be recorded since the speakers sound is so close to the mic.

Recordings will go the “recordings” folder. This makes it handy to record full sessions without a separate voice recorder… or fire up your own personal digital voice recorder if you have one.

As mentioned above, you can also use session recorder to create totally new source audio files within the app itself.

Below the recorder is the option to load previous recordings and play them back within the app itself for review purposes.


At the top of the effects page, you can adjust the volume of each individual audio source file. I like to have the allophone file playing slightly lower than the Franks Box file. Seems to create a nice mix of sublte vocal fragmentation which has been getting good results for me.

You can also adjust the play back speed of each audio source separately if you like.

There are three audio effects on the bottom of the page. I tend to prefer the delay and reverb in my use… but echo is there too. Generally a little bit of the effects goes a long way. Too much of the effects will make a mess out of the source audio and sound terrible… So a little bit is all you need. Honestly, if you have any glitches or bugs with the app it is probably relalted to using effects. So use them sparingly.


You may use about any kind of blue tooth speaker to get better audio than your phone or tablets stock speaker. This is a great way to enhance the sessions and get better quality recordings.

Jason’s Tips

Take this to cemeteries, abandonded places, haunted locations or just sit there at home and try and talk to ghosts or aliens or who ever the hell is trying to talk to us through this technology.

Make sure you record your session!

I like to have the volume of the allophone file down lower to where is just barely audible under the Franks Box #185. This seems to do a good job allowing them form responses using this combination of source audio files. It almost creates a mumble undneath the Franks Box audio.

I also like to slide the slice size sliders around every minute or so… almost like tuning a radio. Since that slice size is adjusted in real time, it is creating even MORE random audio fragmentation by adjusting it a little here and there. Don’t slide it way over to the other side… just slide it a little bit either way. Play around and see what slice sizes work best for you. This isn’t meant to be a static “set and forget” type of app… think of it more as an instrument that you have to play or fiddle with… Just like a physical ghost box!

IF the audio stops while adjusting the slices size, just turn the slicing off then on and it should reslice and keep on playing. If it doesn’t start back up, then hit the stop button then hit play. If it happens while playing with effects, once again on the main page hit stop then play.

This app does use a lot of resources and memory. So if at anytime the app begins to act up in a major way, you may need to manually close the app and restart it. Phones will smaller memory and slower CPUs may have more resource related bugs. Again, most problems are related to using too much of the effects settings.

Known bugs in version 2.0

1) The source audio files may restart after playing back the buffer of sliced random audio fragments. Listen for it to suddenly stop playing random fragments of audio and start playing the unsliced stock audio file.

I prefer to adjust the “slice size” of each audio source file every minute or so while conducting a session, it doesn’t seem to reset as often when doing that.

With that said, if it happens to you just slide the slider for “slice size” a little one way or the other and it should begin slicing the audio again.

We are looking into this glitch.

2) Sometimes when playing with the effects, audio just stops. Switch back to the main screen and hit stop, then start one of your audio source files to get the audio back.

We are looking into this as well.

**Please report back if these glitches occur. If they don’t occur to you then also let me know!
Thanks for your help! Bug reports to bugs(a)crosstalkevp(dot)com

Your feed back is very important to make sure this app works well for serious ghost hunters in the field. Please try and remember what you were doing a few steps before any bug or glitch… the more detail the better. Keep in mind that this app is experimental and is still under development, so we don’t offer any type of support.

Please let me know how it works for you, record videos of your results and put them on youtube, use it on facebook live… You may be very surprised at the results you get with a little practice.

One last thing… sometimes it takes a little practice to get comfortable with using this type of tool. Stick with it for a while even if you don’t get results at first.

Jason Profit