CrossTalkEVP 1.0 for Windows

CrossTalkEVP v1.0 for WINDOWS


The original version from 2010 is still available!

Prior to 2010, the only option for spirit communication using your computer was a program which had multiple dozens of settings… many of which were confusing and not really useful for ghost hunters in the FIELD. After a year or so of R&D, CrossTalk EVP v1.0 was released with only the most useful settings for researchers who wanted to investigate in the field. Making it the FIRST 2-way spirit communication program designed to be simple and effective in the field for serious ghost hunters. That was 2010… to celebrate FIVE YEARS of CrossTalk EVP v1.0 we are having a FIRE SALE for a limited time… see more below!


Want to hear some real examples using the CrossTalk EVP v1.0 method of 2 way EVP? Watch these videos and see for yourself! None of what you will hear in these samples is pre-programmed… it is live 2-way interaction!

Video 1: Establishing the connection

Video 2: Pissed off ghost… Warning Adult Language!

Video 3: The spirits say “thanks for the help”

Jason Profits exclusive how-to guide “Cross Talk” will walk you through the basics of getting this system set up and explain in detail how Jason uses his software. The Cross Talk guide is invaluable in keeping yourself SAFE when  using this kind of technology in the proper manner!

What is in the Cross Talk Download:

  1. CrossTalk EVP v1.0 real time spirit communication software for PC( like having a ghost box or franks box on your PC!)
  2. “Cross Talk a guide to 2 way Spirit communication” by Jason Profit. This “how-to” guide will get you on the fast track and explain exactly how to get everything working so you can begin making contact.
  3. FREE Bonus! Audio source for allowing the spirits to generate vocal formations

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Minimum System Recommendations:
1.0GHz Processor
1GB Ram
Sound Card
Stereo Speakers
.Net Framework 3.5
DirectX 8.0
Windows XP, Vista, or 7
System current with Microsoft Update

Your results may vary. You assume all responsibility for use of this information. This software is intended for use as a paranormal research tool only.

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